Thursday, January 14, 2010

My first speech at school essay

Every year on 1st August our school observes Lokmanya Tilak death anniversary. Last year my class-teacher asked me to take part in the function and speak on Lokmanya Tilak. I had never made a public speech till then. So I hesitated at first. But my teacher persuaded me and so I decided to speak.

I read some books on Lokmanya Tilak. I got some points from my class-teacher. He also told me how I should begin and develop my speech. I worked hard for four days. In the night I would go to a quiet place and practice speaking loudly.

1st of August came. The function began at 9 o’clock in the morning. All the students and teachers assembled in the hall. A large photograph of Lokmanya Tilak stood on the dais. Our headmaster was in the chair. My parents were present among the invited guests.

The headmaster called my name. I got up and went on to the stage. I saw before me a large audience. It was a strange experience. I felt nervous and I trembled. But I looked at the imposing photograph of Tilak. I looked at my class-teacher. They gave me courage.

I began my speech in a firm voice and soon conquered the stage fright. I went on speaking confidently. The Audience clapped when I concluded my speech with the words: “We are indebted to Lokmanya Tilak for his inspiring message ‘Swaraj is my birth-right.’ ”

I knew that my success was mainly due to my class-teacher’s guidance. So I went to him and thanked him for all his help.


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